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Medafrica Systems

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Modernising Morocco

What do IBM, Dell, Cisco and Lenovo have in common? They all work in partnership with Medafrica Systems (Medasys), which provides IT services to both public and private sector organisations in Morocco, helping them to modernise and become more efficient.

Medasys offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions, including cyber security, communications networks and managed internet services. Customers include local and global firms. “With a wide range of products and services, 20 years of experience in the IT field and strong relationships with our main manufacturers and international partners, Medasys has become an operator that people recommend,” says Medasys CEO Mohamed Benmira, who highlights the firm’s ultimate goal. “The company aims to become the main managed service provider in IT technology in Morocco within five years.”

The solutions that Medasys offers include managed internet services

Realising that goal would be the latest milestone in a journey that started when Medasys was founded in 1995. Another came in April last year, when the company joined the ELITE Morocco programme as part of the first wave of 12 recruits to the scheme.

  • 20 - The number of years’ experience Medasys has in the IT field

As it grows, Medasys continues to develop its services. The firm recently launched a development project, Morocco Datacentre, which will allow it to create a new market in Morocco for cloud computing and managed services through a local platform – believed to be the first of its kind in Francophone Africa.

“Through this project, Medasys has strengthened its position in high-value-added services, helped by its investment in the recruitment and training of its staff,” says Mohamed. “The company is expanding its fields of activity, allowing it to fully control all the links in the IT chain and to become the leading national operator in datacentres and cloud computing.”