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Bric work

Just 13 years after opening its first store in Rabat, Bricoma has grown to become the leading DIY chain in Morocco.

Today the retailer operates 14 outlets in the biggest towns and cities across the country, the most recent being a store in Kenitra that opened in December 2016. Together the stores cover a total sales area of 42,000 sq m and attract around two million customers a year, who are able to choose from a range of more than 30,000 products across six departments: gardening, tools, electricity, hardware, paint, and sanitary ware.

Bricoma is now set to expand its store network further, with a second outlet due to open in the Morocco’s main commercial hub, Casablanca, in the near future. As it has grown, the company has been able to tap into the changing habits of Moroccan consumers, while being able to rely on the in-house expertise of its founders, the Filali Chahad family.

“It is up to us to always be innovative in order to keep our position as a leader”

“The company has capitalised on more than 40 years’ experience of the founders of Bricoma in the importation and distribution of tools and hardware and gardening products,” says CEO Mohammed Filali Chahad.

Bricoma is now looking to the next phase of its growth and sees plenty of opportunities for further expansion both at home and, perhaps, beyond. “The potential in Morocco is still large,” says Mohammed. “A minimum of five other stores will be opened to bring the Bricoma network to 20 stores and the possibility of internationalisation of the brand has not been ruled out.”

  • 30,000 products across six departments are sold by Bricoma

While the firm thinks about overseas opportunities, it’s well aware that its home market might also be a target for international rivals in the future. “It is likely that our industry will see the arrival of other investors and international brands,” predicts Mohammed. “It is up to us to always be innovative in order to keep our position as a leader.”