RMG Concept Limited

RMG Concept Limited

Company information

  • Website: www.rmg-ci.com
  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Country of operations: Côte d’Ivoire

Ripple effect

RMG Concept Limited is a great example of how one company’s success can create a positive ripple effect that benefits others.

The firm, which is a leading, vertically integrated agribusiness company operating in 16 countries across Western and Central Africa, has made a significant impact on the countries and communities it works in. “RMG provides technical assistance and education programmes for smallholder farmers,” explains CEO Daniel Ruegg. “It also invests in R&D to develop adapted seeds and offer crop protection products that meet the highest international health and safety standards.”

Just as importantly, the firm’s infrastructure and production capacity allows a greater share of local agricultural production to be processed and transformed locally. In RMG’s case, that production includes agricultural inputs, farming, processing and milling. The company also provides logistics, trading and other value-added services.

“RMG will continue to invest in developing new projects”

RMG, which is based in Côte d’Ivoire, is rapidly growing. Since 2011, the company has realised more than ten major acquisitions and greenfield initiatives. These have been driven by an overarching strategy toward greater operational control of the agribusiness value chain – which lowers risk and improves quality of output – and geographic expansion and diversification to reduce single-country, single-crop risks and provide a platform for scale. An example of this is RMG’s expansion into rice farming and processing.

“RMG will continue to invest in developing new projects that it started or acquired in recent years, with a particular push for local production and investments in processing facilities across a broader diversity of crops,” says Daniel. “Successes in one country will be piloted and scaled across the company’s geographic footprint.”

  • 16 - The number of countries that RMG operates in across Western and Central Africa