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Egg climber

Moablaou is a family-run poultry farm that’s making waves in Burkina Faso’s agriculture sector. The company is a market leader in the production, distribution and sale of eggs, and works with a network of around 400 small retailers, as well as some of the largest grocery chains in the country. It’s a reflection of the rapid growth that the firm has achieved after securing investment from the AAF-SME Fund in 2014. That investment has enabled Moablaou to increase hen capacity from 55,000 to 165,000 and nearly triple egg production, while its automatic egg grader can now process 45,000 eggs an hour.

The company’s rise is all the more impressive given that it had to deal with the avian flu crisis that affected West Africa in 2015. “In the midst of the avian flu crisis, Moablaou took a firm stance on biosecurity through a project with the technical assistance facility of the AAF-SME Fund,” says General Manager Abou Simbel Ouattara. “Through this, we implemented practical solutions to drastically improve biosecurity and mitigate future threats.”

"45,000 eggs can be processed in an hour by the firm’s automatic egg grader"

The company is now exploring the potential to expand into new areas of business. Among the opportunities it has identified is the supply of poultry feed, with research showing that local poultry farmers have little access to affordable, high-quality feed. “There are opportunities for product line extensions to include sales of animal feed and broilers,” believes Abou. “This will impact positively on local employment, although the scale will depend on the extent of the expansion. Studies are still ongoing.”

The firm is also exploring new distribution channels, a greater focus on brand building to retain as well as grow its customer base, and expanding into other markets in the region. “Moablaou will seek to expand the reach of its products not only beyond the factory gate but also beyond the borders of Burkina Faso,” says Abou. “Despite being the market leader, we believe that Moablaou’s growth story has only just begun.”