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Kevin Hewitt, Chairman, FTI Consulting EMEA

Sponsor foreword

Amidst the turbulence that has shaken global emerging markets over the last few years, Africa’s corporate sector has continued to flourish, with high-growth companies helping to drive the region’s economies.

Industries such as technology, communications, financial services, manufacturing and agriculture are at the centre of this growth, not only providing employment and opportunities for Africa’s young and growing populations, but also boosting taxable revenues for governments. These businesses are now at the nexus of economic development on the continent.

Yet just as the ‘African’ market continues to grow, it becomes ever clearer that there is, in fact, no such market. Rather it is a collection of 55 countries, all of which have their own challenges, develop at their own speed and, importantly, have their own successes. It is this understanding of the unique characteristics of each local market that is at the heart of FTI Consulting’s services on, and to, the continent.

“Africa’s corporate sector has continued to flourish, with high-growth companies helping to drive the region’s economies”

From our offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, along with 27 other offices across the world and a network of accredited affiliates in key business centres, FTI Consulting is a trusted adviser to companies, governments and development finance institutions across Africa. We help clients to assess their exposure to the region, understand the risks and opportunities, and respond to unwelcome difficulties.

Our multi-disciplinary team can offer support across the business life cycle, tailoring our services to match the client’s specific requirements, helping them to build strong relations with prospective partners, government, communities and other stakeholders.

To underscore our commitment to the region, our range of services has been boosted this year by the launch of a new Forensic Investigations practice. The practice’s highly experienced team will help clients (wherever they are headquartered) to address any fraud, corruption, regulatory or dispute-related matter they may have across the continent.

So we are therefore delighted to support London Stock Exchange Group’s Companies to Inspire Africa initiative. The wide range of companies showcased in this report underscores the growth of Africa’s corporate sector, highlighting the breadth and depth of these pioneering companies as well as those to watch for future growth.

It is undoubtedly an exciting time for the region, and FTI Consulting will remain part of the Africa story for many years to come.

Kevin Hewitt, Chairman, FTI Consulting EMEA