Online retail

With 15 per cent growth forecast for this year, online retail is arguably one of the UK’s most successful sectors. The market’s strong performance owes much to the rise of smartphones and tablets that allow the British public to buy goods and services while on the move.

This year alone, sales through mobile devices are expected to increase by 100 per cent – much to the delight of retailers with responsive websites that work on all digital devices. The sector’s astounding growth is creating a new class of dynamic, high-growth British businesses.

Sector at a glance

  • 13 of the top 50 most-visited retail sites this year were travel sites
  • 64% of smartphone shoppers plan to spend more on their mobile phones this Christmas compared with last year
  • Sales through mobile devices now account for 23% of online sales
Social networking has been key to the wine retailer's success.
Childrensalon has become a global leader in designer childrenswear.
A focus on repeat purchasers has proved effective for the online retailer.
Industry knowledge and contacts gave the fashion retailer a head start.