Hargreaves Foundry

Hargreaves Foundry

"If something can be made in cast iron, we can make it," says Michael Hinchliffe, Managing Director of Hargreaves Foundry, adding that his ‘can-do’ attitude is prevalent throughout the company.

"We are willing to take on new and challenging projects whenever we can. It’s why we’ve enjoyed success across diverse markets."

  • Hargreaves Foundry has manufactured iron castings for more than 100 years

This attitude is complemented by a commitment to customer care. "We have always taken time to build relationships with customers and understand their requirements," Michael says.

"By caring about customers we have built a trustworthy reputation within the industries in which we operate." This hard-earned reputation fortified the company in the tough economic climate. In recent years Hargreaves Foundry has restructured much of its business.

"Change management has been the biggest challenge for us," Michael says. "We have overcome this by staying true to our core values."

  • 396 – The number of cast-iron columns made for One Pancras Square at the King’s Cross development

Those central tenets include embracing challenging works, such as a recent project which lasted 14 months and involved casting 396 cast-iron columns at One Pancras Square in London as part of the King’s Cross development.

Hargreaves Foundry is also helping other companies within its group. Indeed, Hargreaves Drainage recently drew on the skills and facilities of its sister company to provide bespoke drainage products for the renovation of the traditional rainwater system at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

With more than 100 years of manufacturing iron castings behind it, Hargreaves Foundry hopes to flourish in the years ahead.