If it’s a pizza you fancy, or a Chinese or an Indian, JUST EAT is there to make it quick and easy for you to order one, while making it just as simple for your local restaurant to deliver it.

As a leading online takeaway ordering service, it’s a job JUST EAT excels at. The company has handled more than 70 million orders since its launch and has more than 32,000 partner restaurants.

"We pioneered the concept of an online platform that people can go on to browse local restaurants from the comfort of their own home or on the way back from work," says CEO David Buttress. "It’s great for our partner restaurants too – most takeaway restaurants simply don’t have the resources or expertise to develop their own e-commerce platform and then advertise it locally."

  • 2015 - Most takeaway orders will be made using mobile phones within two years, according to JUST EAT

When it started out, the company realised it was no good having an original concept if you couldn’t sell it, so it came up with an effective sales and marketing campaign. "Creating a brand has helped us capture the imagination of the public," emphasises David. The company’s future success relies on it continuing to anticipate trends in customer behaviour. "We have made big steps in terms of mobile app development to make it even easier for people to order," David says. "We expect mobile to be the most popular ordering method by 2015."

Whatever direction online takeaway ordering goes in, JUST EAT is confident that it has what it takes to deliver.