Samuel Taylor Ltd

Samuel Taylor Ltd

From bonding precious metals to stamping and assembling products, Samuel Taylor Ltd (STL) prides itself on offering solutions to even the most complex of manufacturing challenges. For more than 100 years, the company has provided precision engineering products to markets worldwide – and many of the values that have contributed to STL’s growth are as important today as they were more than a century ago.

"The success of our business is due to hard work, a can-do attitude, teamwork, learning from the best and talking to people at all levels of the company," STL Director Alastair Gordon says.

"It’s also due to management continuity, a long-term approach, good technology and selling to successful clients – plus a little bit of luck." Exporting, along with a global outlook, has also been vital.

  • 100 years – More than a century has passed since the Birmingham-based company was founded

"Our growth over the past few years has come from exports and the so-called tough times didn’t really affect all geographical markets at the same time," Alastair says. "Also, the industry never struggled for very long and for us, growth came out of a long-term need for energy controls emphasised in part by the tough times. Our skill was backing the right horse at the right time."

To remain competitive in the future, STL will have to innovate. "Competing as we do with low-cost countries, our only choice is to automate more," explains Alastair. "We need to sell worldwide and continue to work in niche markets."