For any company that relies on high-speed broadband to do business, a reliable internet provider is worth its weight in gold. One such provider is Fluidata, which claims to offer flexible, high-speed data solutions for UK businesses.

Fluidata has grown 45 per cent year-on-year and recently received awards for Best Business Broadband Service and Best Managed Service from the Internet Service Providers’ Association.

Piers Daniell, Founder and Managing Director, who is 31, attributes much of the company’s success to its flexibility. "By offering customers flexible contracts with better value and tailored propositions than our competitors, we found they could grow and adapt contracts without penalty," he says.

  • 45% – The average yearly growth that Fluidata has achieved

Fluidata has also benefited from a commitment to technological innovation as well as staff recruitment and retention. "It is essential to employ outstanding individuals and focus on rewarding them and giving them as much autonomy as possible."

Having a talented team has helped the company tackle its biggest challenge: finding a way to support last-mile connectivity, which provides choice and lower costs to customers. It prompted the company to design a resilient network platform by connecting with more than 16 different suppliers, creating what is currently the largest network of its kind. "There is always an alternative supplier to support the Fluidata platform," Piers says.

An ability to solve such challenges is essential for any business starting out, he adds. "A great company will flourish with the right employees and smart strategic planning."