Providing a service that customers can rely on is particularly important in the healthcare industry, where patients put their health in someone else’s hands. For Optegra, the strategy for providing patients with the very best treatment has been to specialise in one area of healthcare.

"We are in a unique position because Optegra is a group of hospitals that is dedicated to ophthalmology services," explains Gareth Steer, Optegra’s Managing Director. "This is a very specialist approach, which means we can offer the latest in technologies and services in a five-star environment."

  • 23 – The number of Optegra facilities that now exist across Europe – from just one in the UK less than five years ago

The approach has seen Optegra expand from one hospital in the UK to 23 facilities across Europe in less than five years.

Gareth says: "Our success is due to patients being delighted they chose us and then sharing this positive feedback with friends and family and through testimonials and social media."