In the fiercely competitive pharmaceutical industry, the Clinigen Group is making waves. In 2011, it was named the UK’s fastest-growing private company after three years of growth.

Clinigen is a pharmaceuticals and services business with three operating divisions – Clinigen Clinical Trials Supply, Clinigen Global Access Programs and Clinigen Specialty Pharmaceuticals – that between them serve more than 50 markets worldwide.

Peter George, Clinigen CEO, says: "Our unique business model is a mix of niche services and products that, combined with our global reach and depth of customers, insulate us from the tough economic conditions experienced at present."

"Between them, Clinigen’s three operating divisions serve more than 50 markets worldwide"

Peter George, Clinigen CEO

Clinigen’s business strategy is to capitalise on new opportunities in its sector. "Larger pharmaceutical companies are concentrating their efforts on developing new products and looking to divest more mature products to trusted partners with global capabilities," Peter says. "These trends present opportunities for us to continue our growth."