Growth Intelligence

Growth Intelligence

We were honoured to be asked by London Stock Exchange Group to provide the intelligence behind this report. At Growth Intelligence, growth is our lifeblood; our software drives sales for the UK’s fastest-growing companies by finding opportunities that are the result of rapid growth or change at the prospect company. This change is almost always too recent to appear in the data that traditionally drives sales.

Similarly, most fast-growth lists of this kind are based purely on historical Companies House filings. For the first time, we are able to apply our unique methods for tracking change at millions of companies in real time to find the unsung heroes of the UK economy.

Change represents opportunity. In 1815, news from a carrier pigeon about the Duke of Wellington’s victory helped Nathan Rothschild to bet and win big on the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo. Today, in Rothschild’s world of investment banking, business information is available almost instantly. But the world of private business is still hobbled by slow information. Firms rely on Companies House information to find new customers. On average, this information is 16 months old – the data carried by Rothschild’s pigeon was just six hours old!

Companies House data does not reflect change happening now, so it cannot be used to drive intelligent sales. Most businesses get around this by contacting thousands of companies by phone or email, in the hope that a few are ready to do business.

Growth Intelligence offers a new approach. Instead of using companies’ filings, our software tracks companies’ performance and activity by monitoring their real-time data footprint. We analyse the email traffic, events, financial transactions, internet-connected PCs, export data, and even the daily road traffic of millions of businesses to optimise matches between our clients and companies that are ready to buy their products.

This summer, we partnered with Google to prove the effectiveness of our real-time classification system (the report can be found at We found the software economy in the UK to be twice the size as previously thought.

For this report, we are delighted to be part of London Stock Exchange Group’s mission to identify and nurture growth in British businesses and throughout the economy.