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Freelance freedom

Counting Google as one of its clients, YunoJuno is a online marketplace that pairs jobs in London with freelancers, and recorded £104m turnover in 2018. “When we first started the company, the dream was to empower the freelance community and their employers by providing a direct and transparent route to connect with each other. To us, that just simply made sense,” says CEO and founder Shib Mathew.

“We wanted to power the shift towards freelancing and facilitate a new reality where a person didn’t have to feel like ‘going freelance’ was a jump into the unknown.”

YunoJuno’s approach to making freelance life simpler and more accessible has proved incredibly successful. In 2018, it helped freelancers in London book more than 281,000 days of work – 769 years altogether.

The company has ensured that it has refined its services by employing people who have real experience of the freelancing world. “Just about everyone working at YunoJuno has experience as a freelancer or working with freelancers, and the online platform has been built by freelancers from the YunoJuno Network.” This focus on ensuring the right people are doing the right job has led to YunoJuno doubling in size every year since its inception in 2012.

Shib explains that one of the secrets to YunoJuno’s success is the focus on a ‘product-market fit’, by solving a real-life problem for freelancers and the businesses that use them.