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Send for Help Group is one of the largest lone worker safety providers, and protects more than 150,000 end users across the UK and Ireland. It has developed fob-sized GPS personal safety alarms and apps to provide discreet personal protection. “Our devices and applications connect users to our purpose-built Alarm Receiving Centre at the push of a button, so that they can communicate directly with specially trained controllers, who’ll assist and alert a designated contact or the emergency services,” says James Murray, Chief Executive of Send for Help Group.

The service is used by clients across a variety of organisations including NHS Trusts, local authorities, housing associations and hundreds of commercial businesses. The company’s Incident Management Centre (IMC) was the first in the UK to be certified to BS 8484, the highest lone worker monitoring industry standard. To gain this accreditation the facility has been specially designed to protect it against a variety of threats, including intruders, gas attacks, flooding, explosions and lightning strikes.

“We spotted a gap in the market to utilise GPS technology for protecting lone workers,” says James, explaining that over the past decade there has been a growing awareness of health and safety. This includes the introduction of new legislation such as the Corporate Manslaughter Act, which has been a wake-up call for employers. “We identified and targeted key sectors with vulnerable employees that are exposed to risk such as the NHS, who employ a large number of community staff visiting patients at home.”

James believes there are more people that Send for Help Group can provide for. “With an estimated eight million lone workers in the UK, there is room for further growth. In Europe and America the lone worker protection market is forecast to double from £105m per annum to £226m by 2021,” he explains.