Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury

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Charlotte Tilbury is the eponymous beauty and skincare brand founded by the MBE-awarded British makeup artist. The company is famous for award-winning products across skincare and colour cosmetics.

“My mission is to empower everyone in the world to be the most beautiful version of themselves,” says Charlotte. “I saw an opportunity for simplicity in the market, focusing on creating products that were easy to use and easy to choose for consumers, with ground-breaking products of the highest quality. I wanted to create a brand where no one felt daunted, but was excited and empowered by it instead.”

The brand has received a record-breaking number of awards – now more than 200 – since launching in 2013, culminating in an MBE for services to the beauty and cosmetics industry for Charlotte in 2018.

Charlotte believes that women will continue to buy makeup from a brand they love, regardless of the economic conditions. “Beauty – when it is done well – can be recession-proof. When you look good, you feel good: it changes your mindset and the world reacts to you in a different way. The sales of my products are accelerating as people still want products that empower and make them feel and look fabulous,” she explains.

Since launching the brand, Charlotte has seen technological advancements, such as augmented reality, change shopping experiences. “I launched my Magic Mirror in 2016 – it was the first experience of its kind. It magically morphs my iconic makeup looks on to a customer’s face, meaning they could effectively ‘try-on’ before purchase.”

For small businesses starting out, Charlotte has some sage advice. “Visualise what you want, be overwhelmingly positive and don’t give up until you get it.”