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Out of the woods

Based in Stowmarket in Suffolk, Timberwolf is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of professional wood chippers. Primarily created to serve the horticulture and arboriculture sectors, it has invested in research to ensure that its unrivalled petrol and diesel wood chippers consistently perform and deliver the best possible experience for its customers.

“We design products to meet our customers’ specific needs. For example, the sub 750kg wood chipper series is one of Europe’s best selling and is an arborist’s favourite, due to unparalleled performance for its weight class,” says Chris Perry, Managing Director of Timberwolf. “This has contributed to growth in our export market, with sales increasing by 256% since 2015, allowing for further staff investment to sustain this growth.”

In January 2019, new legislation was introduced to reduce engine emissions from all non-road machinery by ceasing production of some of the highest-emitting engines.

However, Timberwolf is using this legislation to its advantage by engineering a new range of diesel machines, fitted with Stage V-compliant engines. “These produce lower emissions and offer the superior power and performance the industry expects from the company,” says Chris. “The legislation had caused confusion within the industry, so we created our ‘Stage V – All the Facts, #NoOmissions’ campaign to bring clarity for all to access and learn from.”

For a small business looking to grow, Chris believes that understanding the customers and their needs is of the utmost importance. He also advises “identifying what sets you apart and never compromising on quality”.