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Founded in 1986, OE Electrics Group designs and manufactures electrical power, USB charging and data connectivity solutions for installation into commercial furniture. Its products can be found in call centres, hospitals and home offices.

“Working in the commercial office, laboratory, education, hospitality and transport sectors, we provide clients with products to accommodate their specific requirements,” says Tim Hobbs, Technical Director of OE Electrics. “With a comprehensive range of international socket outlets, we can provide power modules to suit any territory, enabling globally active clients to achieve seamless integration of power and data across their entire network.”

OE Electrics patented a TUF charger – twin USB fast charger – which has been globally recognised as an essential component for the provision of USB charging in public spaces. The firm has over 250,000 TUF USB chargers in its products in more than 62 countries. In 2019, the company launched a patented reversible USB connector in TUF, allowing users to upgrade their USB charger without the need for an electrician.

“The widespread uptake of mobile devices, both personally and commercially, together with the new ways of working in the flexible modern workplace, has been a big opportunity for OE Electrics Group,” says Tim.

OE Electrics has capitalised on its 30 years’ experience of modular plug-and-play electrical solutions for the commercial office sector, along with the development of market-leading USB charging technology. Now, the company is able to access new markets where furniture manufacturers need solutions to allow users to charge their devices virtually anywhere.