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Aspen Pumps has grown from three engineers in a shed to a global market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of condensate removal pumps and ACR ancillaries. With an in-house laboratory, a design team, a multilingual customer service team and over 30 sales representatives, Aspen Pumps has established its position on the international HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) stage.

Recently, Aspen Pumps launched the STORM Chemicals range and acquired UK tool specialist JAVAC, positioning Aspen Pumps as the go-to company for condensate removal pumps and accessories. With approximately 75% of UK market share for these pumps, its move into ancillary tools and chemicals has offered further growth domestically, as well as opportunities abroad.

CEO Adrian Thompson is confident that Aspen Pump’s growth will continue despite international trade barrier challenges  and increasing competition. He believes  the firm will “maintain strong and consistent branding, instantly recognisable in all overseas markets” and “will continue to invest heavily  in developing a strong multinational distribution base”.

For aspiring firms, Adrian encourages investing in people and having a fearless attitude towards setting a price point that matches the quality and brand position of the product. He also recommends remembering that strong and mutually beneficial supplier and customer relationships “will keep you ahead of the competition and give you that platform for profitability”.