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Zip world is home to Europe's longest zip lines, high-rope cavern adventures and underground trampolining. Founded in 2012, the company has three sites across North Wales and has contributed more than £251m to the regional economy in the past five years.

The company prides itself on pushing the boundaries and breaking records. Sean Taylor, founder and CEO explains: "Zip World's innovation has seen it achieve many notable achievements: Velocity 2 is the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe, and Titan is Europe’s Region: Wales largest zip zone.”

Sean believes that innovation is important for all organisations but feels that in Zip World’s sector, which is all about unique, shareable experiences, it’s non-negotiable.

Creating destination venues has been a key driver for growth at Zip World, meaning there are more sites for families to visit. Sean says this has increased spending that is passed on to customers by creating new events. “In 2018, Zip World launched its first Halloween-inspired event and more are now in the calendar,” he says, explaining that investing in high-quality events has had an impact on brand awareness thanks to a combination of new, creative content marketing initiatives and “excellent customer experiences”.

For Sean, talent, customer focus and forethought have been crucial within the business. “Ensure you have people around you that have sound judgement,” he says. “Work hard on a great customer journey, both on and offline, ensure your product has repeatability and look to add value for customers wherever you can. Finally, have a plan and stick to it.”