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The Cripps Group operates six wedding venues (soon to be seven) in the UK, for those wishing to marry. Each of its wedding barns has a civil wedding licence and the company also offers hospitality services.

Founded in 1990 as a single Cotswold wedding barn, Cripps now has barns in various locations, including Shropshire, Staffordshire, the Cotswolds and Northumberland. Between 2018 and 2019, a total of 841 weddings were held at Cripps Group barns.

“Cripps Group is a service provider and it’s interesting that its marketing has become entirely digital over the last few years – this has been in parallel to the continuing computerisation of the operations,” says Simon Keeling, Director at Cripps Barn Group. There are also plenty of opportunities in the UK for owners of landed estates.

“Intermediating between owners of landed estates, who wish to monetise redundant agricultural assets, and couples wishing to get married in interesting and attractive places has been an opportunity for us. Cripps Group has been able to do this by capitalising on its reputation in the sector.”

The wedding business isn’t without its challenges and Simon sees increased competition on the horizon. “The challenge will be to stay ahead of the game and the key will be the ability to deliver very large numbers of weddings consistently. The secret lies in being sufficiently well organised to do this.”

Simon has some words of advice for entrepreneurs starting out. “All businesses are people businesses and people are complicated creatures: be organised and make sure you have the capacity to focus on details as well as on the bigger picture.”