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Horizon Discovery

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Cracking the code

Founded in 2005, Horizon Discovery is a gene editing and modulation technology company. It allows the biopharmaceutical and clinical diagnostics industries to gain a greater understanding of gene function, identify the genetic drivers behind human disease and develop personalised molecular, cell and gene therapies.

The company offers products and services to scientists across the life sciences sector, helping them to alter almost any gene and modulate its function in human or animal cells.

“Gene editing is a fast-emerging area in the life sciences sector, and the use of gene editing technologies are becoming common practice in research and throughout the drug development process,” says Terry Pizzie, CEO of Horizon Discovery. The company has capitalised on this opportunity by focusing resources on developing an expertise in this arena. “As a result, our customers are found in world-leading academic institutes and top pharmaceutical companies.”

The demand for gene editing will continue to rise and be adopted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies as well as academia, according to Terry. “We will continue to innovate and adapt to the needs of our customers to maintain that position as the field evolves and develops.”

For aspiring business owners, Terry encourages a bold and courageous approach. “When we were developing the gene editing and modulation technologies and services, we were not afraid to be bold and challenge the status quo. Any innovative, small business needs to differentiate itself from its peer group and ensure that its offerings are making breakthroughs that others are not.”