Company information

Clinical effectiveness

Ergomed provides services to the international pharmaceutical industry to support the development of new drugs and the monitoring of drug safety. Managing clinical development, trial management and drug safety services, the company has conducted more than 600 clinical trials in 53 countries.

Ergomed works across a broad range of medical areas, including small molecule drugs, monoclonal antibodies and immunotherapy. Its scope is now expanding as the drug safety market develops. “The market is forecast to grow to more than $8bn by 2024,” says Dr Miroslav Reljanovi., founder and Executive Chairman. “Through our expertise, geographical reach and investment in new technology, including robotics and process automation, we have built a strong position in this area.”

Another business focus for Ergomed is rare diseases. “An estimated 30 million people worldwide suffer from rare diseases and the market for orphan drugs is forecast to be $200bn by 2020. Through a strategic acquisition and in-house expertise, the company has positioned itself as a leader in this fast-growing area of drug development,” explains Miroslav.

When starting a business, Miroslav believes entrepreneurs need to have conviction and a well-defined strategy. “You need to really believe in the business opportunity, be clear about your differentiation and commit to an overall direction and path when you set out,” he says, adding that you need both determination and flexibility. “Not everything will work and the ability to withstand setbacks and learn from them is crucial. Those who succeed combine persistence and drive with the courage to face and learn from mistakes.”