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Recycling Lives, a national recycling and waste management business that uses its commercial operations to fund and sustain social programmes across the UK, was founded in 2008.

The company gives businesses, authorities and households a place to recycle their waste as efficiently as possible. Operating 12 recycling sites nationally, it offers services to recycle scrap metal, scrap cars, electronic equipment and general waste.

However, Recycling Lives’ focus isn’t just on recycling waste, it also manages three social programmes designed to help rehabilitate offenders, support the homeless and redistribute food. “We guarantee social value alongside environmental and financial value from the contracts we deliver,” says William Fletcher, Chief Executive of Recycling Lives Group.

The social programmes make a tangible social difference, with its offender rehabilitation programme recording low reoffending rates of less than 5%. The firm also offers jobs to many of the men and women whom it supported in prison, with dozens of past offenders currently employed at Recycling Lives.

“Our social business model has granted us a number of opportunities, from securing investment to sourcing the very best staff and winning work with blue-chip businesses,” says William. “We win work from commercial clients based on our social values as much as our commercial expertise.”

Looking forward, Recycling Lives is keen to continue refining the recycling process until it achieves the highest possible standard. “Where waste products cannot be recycled, we are developing energy from waste solutions, creating electrical energy from waste residue created in our fragmentising process.”