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Greencoat UK Wind

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Winds of change

Greencoat UK Wind (Greencoat UKW) is one of the earliest adopters of wind energy strategy in the world. Across its 34 wind farm investments, both onshore and offshore, the company has saved the UK energy market over 1,000,000 tonnes of CO2 since its creation in 2012, delivering 2 TWHR of electricity in 2018 – enough to power half a million homes for a year.

The company is a specialist asset manager fund operating solely within the UK renewable energy sector. “Our size means we are better placed than ever to capitalise on the £50bn pool of operating onshore and offshore wind assets in the UK – which is predicted to grow to £75bn by 2020,” says Stephen Lilley, Partner at Greencoat UKW. “We look at a lot of new operating UK wind farms every year and adopt a highly disciplined and selective approach to acquisitions.”

By investing entirely within the UK, the company avoids currency risk and global market volatility. The philosophy has proven to be successful, fulfilling its investor pledges of dividend growth in line with RPI inflation. Greencoat UKW’s approach relies on the market value of wind energy growing as a whole. In March 2019, the UK Government announced its ambition to have clean, green offshore wind power more than 30% of British electricity by 2030, which is a positive move forwards for the company and the country.