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Camco Clean Energy

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Climate for finance

Founded in 1989, Camco Clean Energy is at the forefront of renewable energy development and climate action. Established as a renewable energy and climate change consultancy, Camco is now a market leader in climate finance. The company helps create sustainable energy projects in developing and emerging markets through advice on funding options and how to raise finance.

Since its creation, Camco has provided creative finance solutions worth $15bn across 180 projects. It has seized opportunities in emerging markets across the globe and is now the manager of the Renewable Energy Performance Platform, which was set up to encourage private investment in Sub-Saharan Africa’s renewable energy sector.

“The exponential rise in demand for renewable energy is transforming energy markets across the world. Against this backdrop, Camco has emerged as a global leader in low-carbon energy projects and climate finance,” says Managing Director Geoff Sinclair.

“There is huge growth potential for renewable energy in emerging markets – the technologies and business models are evolving rapidly,” explains Geoff. “Financing this transformation is a huge opportunity but poses significant challenges. The market conditions for these investments, the sophistication of financial structures and investor interest in the asset classes are all developing. As a result, there is the potential for much more investment to flow into this sector.”

Looking at the global success Camco has enjoyed, Geoff has some straightforward advice for small businesses starting out: “Pick your niche, make sure you know what you’re talking about and go for it.”