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Gousto is a food subscription company allowing customers to sign up to a service that delivers precise ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards directly to their door.

The company describes itself as “food tech”, using artificial intelligence and automation to customise recipes according to customer preferences. Gousto uses technology that enables customers to receive the recipes that suit their family’s needs. “With free delivery, seven days a week, and meals that start from £2.98 per person, we are offering maximum convenience and variety to families across the UK,” says Timo Boldt, CEO and founder of Gousto.

“We are currently putting two million meals on UK tables every month and we’re constantly learning and adapting to make sure we are offering the best all-round product,” Timo explains. “In tough economic conditions, families are eating out less and are looking for a convenient alternative that is competitive to supermarket prices.”

Using data and technology is at the core of Gousto, and the business is determined to stretch its technological capabilities further, so it can offer a completely customisable platform for its customers. “Online is the fastest-growing segment of the grocery market and customers increasingly want to know exactly what’s in their food, so personalisation is the key to successful retail,” says Timo.

Gousto believes that a focus on people should be at the heart of a business. “A good team focuses on greatness for customers and therefore business success, so hiring fast shouldn’t mean compromising on great talent,” Timo explains. 

With 100% year-on-year growth, Gousto is becoming one of the most inspiring food tech companies in Britain.