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Fruitful Office began in 2006 with the idea of creating a simple, eco.friendly business that delivers quality fruit baskets to workplaces. At first it was a small operation, consisting of a small team waking up at 3am and purchasing fruit directly from New Covent Garden Market in London, packing the fruit in a small warehouse and distributing to just a handful of clients. In 2019, Fruitful Office is one of the leading office fruit delivery companies, providing baskets to more than 10,000 workplaces on a weekly basis, serving six countries.

"We have a focus on providing a cost-effective employee perk with a highly visible impact on life at work,” says Director Vasco de Castro. “Every day we work on being the best we possibly can within our niche market. We strive to have a high-quality product, attentive customer service and the strongest environmental credentials in our industry.” Fruitful Office employs 200 staff across five operational hubs and delivers 19,000 fruit baskets every week, benefiting more than 300,000 workers.

Its impact on its clients’ lifestyles is palpable – 70% of the customers eat more fruit and 45% eat fewer unhealthy snacks. Productivity is also on the rise. A survey commissioned by the company saw an 11% increase in staff stating that they are working more productively since the introduction of the fruit basket, with 79% saying that the offering makes them feel more valued as an employee.

Vasco advises small start-up businesses to take advantage of networks. “Make use of your family and friends for support,” he says. “Also, delegate wherever possible – if you try to do everything yourself, the business will not grow.”