Marcus Stuttard

Marcus Stuttard

Expert commentary by Marcus Stuttard, Head of UK Primary Markets, London Stock Exchange Group

From pharmaceuticals to biotechnology, the UK Healthcare sector continues to showcase an inspiring story of growth and diversity and is a key engine of innovation. From a strong foundation built on excellence in fundamental science and entrepreneurial spirit, the healthcare sector continues to evolve and is producing new ideas and new entrants into the market.

Companies operating in the healthcare industry increasingly need to be able to adapt quickly to the application of new technologies, collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders and meet the changing needs of consumer demands.

The UK healthcare market offers plenty of opportunities and this is certainly represented by the 69 healthcare companies that made the list this in this year’s report, up from 54 in last year’s edition. With an average annual revenue growth of 54%, they continue to be both a major driving force in the UK economy and a critical driver of improved healthcare for individuals.

The report also finds that two-thirds of Healthcare companies come from outside London and the South East, painting a picture of balanced growth, with those from the North West experiencing second highest average turnover growth in the country. This regional diversity can also be observed in the sub-sectors they operate in, where digital tech is becoming an increasingly important trend in the industry and within recent IPOs on London Stock Exchange markets. We continue to fully support this growth by enabling entrepreneurs to access the most international pool of capital to finance their ideas and ambitions. More than 100 healthcare companies are admitted to AIM and the Main Market, with a total market capitalisation of over £200bn have accessed capital, facilitating investment in the future technologies that will continue to improve our lives.

Since 2018, 53 healthcare companies covering three different continents and with valuations at a time of deal ranging up to £80bn have accessed London Stock Exchange’s public equity markets, raising a total of £4bn. From scaling businesses to global champions, our markets will continue to provide tailored solutions to all companies through a globally respected regulatory environment and access to a dedicated pool of high-quality long-term capital.