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Mortgage disruptors

LendInvest operates a marketplace for mortgages and is one of the largest non-bank mortgage lenders in the UK. The company uses proprietary technology to make mortgage applications easier and also helps different types of investors – from individuals to some of the world’s largest financial institutions – to invest in mortgages. To date, LendInvest has lent over £2bn and has built a significant and diverse capital base.

“As a business, we are focused on serving the perennially under-served borrower – individuals seeking a mortgage in a seamless, timely fashion. Simultaneously, we provide investors with the unique opportunity to invest directly in mortgages, which are an attractive, secured asset class,” says Christian Faes, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer.

“Getting a mortgage has traditionally been a time-intensive, inefficient process, with individuals struggling to get finance on terms that they require,” says Christian. “Borrowers increasingly demand a technology-driven, seamless journey that puts their needs first.”

The tech-enabled lender is meeting the needs of the investors in its mortgages by providing them with access to private debt investments in a straightforward way.

“LendInvest has shown how a technology-driven approach to lending can help take a leading position in the highly competitive specialist loans market. “Over the past year, the firm has made significant headway in the buy-to-let market, while continuing to make vital investment in building out our proprietary technology across the business. Our sights are now firmly set on continuing to build out our platform, and ultimately, on the opportunity to disrupt the £200bn mainstream UK mortgage market,” explains Christian.