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Getting creative

From developing a ‘magic mirror’ to show men what they would look like with a new hairstyle, to using an Alpine slope as a huge canvas where autonomous robots could draw messages and pictures, the creative minds at Unit9 like to push the boundaries of what’s possible and what’s expected.

"We use creativity to leverage the latest technologies," says Piero Frescobaldi, Founder and Group Chief Executive of Unit9. "We are the go-to partner for brands and their agencies looking to create experiences that are unlike any TV ad. We create content that turns consumers into audiences and advertising into entertainment."

Being able to surprise audiences that have grown used to a diet of visual special effects is not easy, but Unit9 strives to do that through a combination of live events and clever use of technology, along with playfulness and storytelling. It reaches its audiences through a mixture of personal devices, live events, online films, games and social platforms. "Recently, people have been getting jaded by the overflow of visual effects on screens. Everything feels fake. So, we decided to bring magic back into reality," says Piero.

The company operates from London, Los Angeles, New York, Berlin and the Polish city of Łódź, and has a client list that encompasses dozens of household names. Part of its success is its relentless search for innovation and a willingness to put money into that pursuit.

"We have grown because we have not been afraid of change," says Piero. "In a world that keeps changing, reinvention is far more important than optimisation; drive and determination are more important than experience. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow and signs from the market inevitably arrive too late. So, we anticipate by inventing new offerings with one constant: young, independent, talent-obsessed with craft. Putting all the efforts in people and quality, not the pocket, has been our winning strategy."