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London-based Learning Technologies Group (LTG) provides training to more than 1,000 organisations around the world, including global corporates and governments. It is made up of six operating businesses, enabling it to offer carefully tailored solutions to clients across any sector.

"Globally, organisations are understanding the need to have a culture of learning to meet a rapidly-changing environment," says Jonathan Satchell, Chief Executive. "The industry is experiencing a revolution and we are uniquely placed to help organisations put learning at the heart of their business and corporate strategy."

The company has grown strongly through a combination of organic growth and M&A deals. This combined strategy has enabled it to expand into the Americas and the Asia-Pacific region, while doubling EBIT year-on-year since 2013. "We’ve grown the business through a combination of organic growth and strategic and considered acquisitions," says Jonathan. "This has meant we have diversified revenue streams globally and increased revenues from outside the UK to 46%. This has insulated us from a certain amount of local, macro headwinds. We’ve also increased our cross-selling, fully linking our portfolio of businesses and developed a key account management strategy so that we can maximise revenue."

Jonathan is confident that LTG’s industry will continue to grow in the years ahead, as organisations increasingly appreciate the efficiencies that can come from effective and engaging learning programmes. It is an evolving industry, though, with changes coming from the development of new ways of learning using technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

"Business owners and managers need to know that when their employees spend time learning, it will increase their competence, improve their productivity and allow them to develop as a person. This is a change of mindset that is happening and will only gather pace," says Jonathan.