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An eye for a bargain

Encouraging customer loyalty is one of the key challenges facing retailers in the current hyper-competitive environment. In an effort to successfully deal with this, many of the UK’s biggest high street names have turned to Guildford-based Eagle Eye. The company’s digital marketing platform, Eagle Eye AIR, allows its customers to issue and redeem digital offers and rewards at scale and across multiple channels. Among those to sign up for it are the likes of Asda, Greggs, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Pizza Express and Tesco.

The digital aspect of the service is critical, given that traditional loyalty programmes have, in many cases, lost their appeal with consumers who are increasingly looking for more relevant, timely and personalised rewards.

"Eagle Eye helps businesses in the retail, grocery and hospitality industries to create a real-time connection with their customers and drive engagement," explains Tim Mason, CEO. "This allows our clients to improve their customer offer and accelerate their innovation. Real-time offers enable highly-relevant targeting, giving customers much more value and offering companies the chance to truly understand their customers, rewarding them whilst they are still in store, thereby maximising engagement."

The company recently expanded into the North American market through a contract with Loblaw, Canada’s largest retailer, to work with it to convert two of its existing loyalty programmes – used by eight million and 11 million consumers, respectively – into one new scheme. The new loyalty platform went live in February. "This highly-complex project was a milestone achievement for the company and we have significantly enhanced our platform as a result," says Tim.