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Cutting down on waste

One of the country’s largest waste management companies, SWR has built up a strong portfolio of customers across multiple sectors, including automotive and logistics, grocery, retail, healthcare, property management and facilities management.

Rather than running its own trucks, the company operates as a broker, finding the right supplier for each customer’s needs.

"As a broker, we are able to deliver the solution that the customer really needs through our regional supply chain," says Andy Butler, CEO. "We are totally agnostic to what collection equipment we hold in our depots as we do not run any of our own trucks. We find the right supplier to deliver the right solution and, as a result, increase companies’ green credentials, whilst driving down cost at the same time."

SWR has some 90 employees, with an annual turnover of £41m at the end of 2017. It has largely grown organically, but it recently completed its first acquisition, buying New Star Environmental in late 2017. Andy is confident that the company can continue to take advantage of the opportunity-rich landscape.

As the landscape changes, the company will need to adapt. The waste management industry is rising in prominence as individuals and companies become more aware of the need for sustainable practices and that is driving change in the industry itself.

"Historically, the industry has been driven by bin lift cost, but, in the coming years, it will become more focused on the weight of waste being produced by the end user," says Andy. "This is good for the environment and for the producer, as data will be more readily available which will highlight the volume of waste being produced. If that data is used efficiently, there is a huge opportunity for the waste management industry. Awareness is key in order to change people’s historic recycling habits."