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A jewel in the UK's crown

A jewellery firm in its third generation, Pragnell is built on and continues to flourish with its strong family-run heritage. It is now led by Charlie Pragnell, Managing Director and grandson of the Founder, George Pragnell.

George’s journey into the jewellery world began when he was taken on as an apprentice at the jewellers Biggs of Maidenhead, where he served members of the Royal Family. A few years later, in 1954, he and his family moved to Stratford-upon-Avon, where he took over a small jewellers.

From an engagement ring fit for the Queen to a world-record-busting, limited edition, Patek Philippe watch, it is the incredibly diverse range of goods that makes the historic business the success it is today. Charlie comments: "We have the most diverse range of goods and services in jewellery-related matters in the UK. We have a fantastic selection of luxury watches from the world’s leading watch brands, to a beautiful collection of modern, antique and period jewellery, and modern and antique silver."

With showrooms in London’s Mayfair and Stratford-upon-Avon, Pragnell has a strong British presence. However, the business opportunities for the family jewellers stretch much farther afield. "We look at the international markets and now employ Mandarin, Arabic, German and Russian speakers, as we are continuing to develop our international clientele," Charlie says.

Charlie believes in an international approach, and thinks that this should be a strategy more widely used in the UK. "There should be teams of diplomats and business leaders making regular trips to North America, the Middle East and China, developing new contacts and building on existing relationships," he suggests.