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Flower power

If you’ve ever bought a potted plant for your home, you may well have bought a Hill Brothers plant. The company grows and sells more than three million house plants a year, including orchids, begonias, hydrangeas and poinsettias. Alongside that, the company also designs and sources all the ceramic hardware and packaging used.

"We grow around 80% of the plants that we supply ourselves and work with other UK and continental growers to supply a large range of seasonally well-focused products," says Greg Hill, Managing Director. "On our busiest day, we pack more than 30,000 plants."

This sector of the ornamental horticultural industry has generally been dominated by the large multiple retailers, but Hill Brothers has managed to carve out a useful niche for itself.

"The sector was always dominated by large trading businesses that didn’t produce anything themselves," says Greg. "By aligning ourselves more closely with our customers, we can produce products that are designed with the UK consumer in mind. As producers ourselves, we have been able to work more closely with other UK growers to facilitate more UK-grown product into the market."

Even in tough economic times, the market for ornamental plants has tended to be fairly resilient. Even so, it is still critically important for a supplier like Hill Brothers to ensure that it can provide the right product at the right time.

"Ornamental plants are an impulse product and our focus has remained on ensuring that we continue to offer fantastic, eye-catching products at great value that perform well for our end consumers," says Greg. "Plants allow people to express themselves and people are using them to enhance their living areas. There is a real push to start bringing the outdoors into the home and house plants are the ideal way to do this."