At one's leisure

The leisure industry is one of the UK’s most important export earners, accounting for more than 12% of total service sector exports. It has also been a strong provider of new jobs, with more than 330,000 posts created over the past five years. The Brexit vote presents a significant challenge to this industry, given that 15% of its workforce and 63% of inbound holidaymakers come from the EU. There are plenty of positives for the industry to build on though, from the growing demand for health and fitness to the vibrant nightlife economy of major cities and the rise in recent years of the ‘staycation’.

Sector at a glance

  • 4.5 million - The number of people employed in the UK's leisure sector
  • 10% - The proportion of UK GDP attributed to the leisure sector
  • 31 - The number of UK sites included in UNSECO's World Heritage list