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The future's bright

Gloucestershire-based Ecotricity is a pioneer in the green energy sector in the UK, having delivered its first electricity in April 1996, derived from landfill gas. Since then, it has installed 71 windmills with a total capacity of almost 82MW that, between them, save more than 100,000 tonnes a year in carbon dioxide. The company has also expanded into other areas, such as mobile phone services and electric vehicle charging points.

"We are a hybrid organisation, mission-led like an NGO but using the tools of business to achieve that mission, which is to advance sustainability," explains Dale Vince, Founder. "We operate in the fields of energy, transport and food, making more sustainable options available to homes and businesses in the pursuit of greater sustainability and, ultimately, a green Britain."

Ecotricity’s growth has been partly funded by a series of four ‘ecobonds’, which have raised a total of £56m to date. In pursuit of further growth opportunities in the future, the company has also set up an Eco Lab, in which it carries out research and development in three sectors that are critical to reducing carbon emissions further, namely energy, transport and food.

With electric vehicles coming of age, increasing awareness about the need for more sustainable lifestyles, business practices and the continual advances being made in technology, the company is looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.

"Smart technology will transform the way we power our homes and run the National Grid," says Dale. "Renewable energy and electric vehicles will empower people, make them less dependent on energy companies and more interdependent. Tough economic times don’t affect the need for greater sustainability in all walks of life and don’t diminish increasing demand for solutions to that end – in fact, it’s the opposite in many ways. Sustainability is increasingly the more economic option."