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There is a growing demand in the UK for patient care away from hospitals, not least in terms of renal care. With a network of dialysis units across the UK, Renal Services is stepping in to meet that demand. Among its key strengths is that it can claim to be the only provider in the UK able to offer complete flexibility in terms of the equipment, medical devices and drugs it supplies as part of its contracts.

The company has adopted a flexible approach in picking sites, using converted office space, old cottage hospitals and industrial units as well as creating new modular buildings. But it is not just about being closer to patients’ homes, according to Stefano Ciampolini, Chief Executive Officer.

"Renal Services has developed an efficient model of care in which it provides satellite dialysis units away from a hospital. These have allowed high-quality services to be made available to patients in their local community in a cost-efficient manner and in a short time frame," says Stefano. "We have also opened dialysis units in under-served areas near holiday hotspots, such as Devon, Hayling Island and Skegness. By offering holiday dialysis, patients are able to enjoy holidays whilst still receiving treatment."

Adapting to market needs is likely to become more important in the future, given some of the trends under way in the NHS, which is continually looking to secure improved services for lower costs. But, this should provide opportunities for growth, according to the company.

"It is likely we will see the geographical coverage of some of the UK’s renal hubs reduce in size, with some NHS hospital trusts taking the management of the renal service back in-house," says Stefano. "This may mean we will see a higher number of smaller and shorter contracts becoming available."