Company information

Land banking

LendInvest operates a marketplace for property lending and investing and has become one of the UK’s largest non-bank mortgage lenders. The business was set up in 2008, and, since then it has enabled its investors – which range from individuals through to multinational institutions – to lend close to £1.1bn. The people borrowing this money via LendInvest have bought or built more than 3,500 properties worth more than £1.7bn in 120 towns and cities across the UK.

"We lend fast and flexible finance to professional property investors and developers who are under-served by UK banks," explains Christian Faes, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. "By developing technology that alleviates pain points in the mortgage application journey, we make the process of getting a mortgage easier, faster and a lot more efficient."

The company is taking advantage of what Christian describes as a "slow and outdated" UK mortgage market. "There are very few tech-enabled lenders like us," he says. "The market is dominated by banks that are burdened with ever-changing regulation, legacy loan books and outdated technology. Our tech-first approach gives us an advantage over these incumbent lenders, helping to deliver a faster, more efficient customer journey."

The company has set itself a series of strategic objectives against which it measures all of its decisions and its performance. They include a goal to continually diversify its funding base by creating new funding sources and provide the scope for more investors to get involved in the market.

"We’ve democratised the market, opening up the asset class to all types of investors for the first time, from global institutions to private individuals," says Christian. "Not only have we built one of the most diversified property lenders in the country, but we are also continually giving ourselves the flexibility and resilience to lend through cycles responsibly."