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Revolutionary thinking

Award-winning advertising group Spark44 likes to do things differently. It describes itself as the first global joint venture between an agency and a client, with a 50:50 ownership model. As such, it focuses all of its efforts on just one client, its founding partner, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), while remaining as an independent agency with its own in-house culture.

“The single client model across all marketing disciplines is not only highly effective, it is also extremely efficient as it allows us to spend less time and fewer resources on internal admin, or competing with other global agencies for new business,” says Ralf Specht, CEO of Spark44.
“We can dedicate significantly more time and focus to improving our client Jaguar Land Rover’s business than traditional marketing.”

The agency was formed in 2011 and currently operates through 18 offices around the world, with more than 1,000 employees. The approach it has taken has “impacted sales in an unprecedented way,” says Ralf, with sales of JLR vehicles doubling over the past six years. This success has, in turn, led to the agency winning more work from its client.

“Re-vitalising an iconic brand like Jaguar is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Ralf says. “With the successful relaunch of Jaguar globally, our client awarded its equally iconic Land Rover brand to Spark44.”

The agency thinks it has found an answer to the issues raised by the rapidly-changing advertising and consumer landscape, and thinks this could serve other brands and marketing agencies well, too. “I believe that brands operating globally should expect nothing less than a disruptive new agency model, one that can properly centre on clients’ needs rather than just on their own bottom line,” says Ralf. “There is big opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial mind-set who are willing to challenge conventions.”