Company information

King of the road

With 550 employees across eight production plants worldwide, Kartesis Industries is a group of family businesses specialising in the manufacturing of precision parts for the automotive industry.

“We have a 30,000m2 footprint, across three continents, producing 220 billion parts per year,” explains Pierre Zavarise, the CEO. “We export 84% of our sales to North America, Europe and Asia.”

Pierre attributes the firm’s successes to its industrial and strategic approach, which includes the development of highly specialised facilities running 317 production machines as well as the manufacture of specialised machines and dedicated tools.

Today, the group remains true to its values, which include commitment, social responsibility and innovation, and has developed a philanthropic partnership with biomedical research institute Clinatec.

“We set aside a significant amount for Clinatec, which focuses on inventing the medicines of tomorrow that can change the lives of millions,” explains Pierre. “We support their efforts to innovate in the fields of neurodegenerative diseases, cancer and motor disabilities.”

In April 2018, the group joined forces with another major industrial company, and has taken over significant portions of other automotive technology manufacturers.

To stay on course the group must prove it can adapt to market changes. “We must adapt our manufacturing and processes to be able to meet the challenges of the vehicle of the future,” Pierre says.

“This means improved performance and weight, safety and reliability, but also the consideration of ecological and environmental issues.”