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Help with hearing

GAES occupies a unique position in Spain as the country’s only manufacturer of hearing aids. It is therefore something of a lifeline for people with audiology problems. Its products are at the forefront of technology, and its CEO and General Manager, Antonio Gassó, emphasises how vital the continual development of new ideas has been for the company.

“We have never stopped investing in new product research and we never forget the importance of innovation in offering the best services,” he says, adding that the company controls the entire supply chain, thereby guaranteeing excellence at every stage.

GAES now boasts more than 600 hearing centres spread across nine countries: Spain, Andorra, Portugal, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Mexico. Antonio speaks of the vast GAES “family”, with the company consisting of 1,840 employees, the vast majority of whom are close to home in Spain.

But its international reach is growing. Its first centre in Latin America was opened in 1998 in Chile. Now it has 76 hearing centres in the region, with Latin America taking the lion’s share of exports, 30% of which go to more than 25 countries spread across four continents. It was in Latin America that GAES grew by an impressive 28% in the first half of 2017.

Innovation has been key to the company’s success, and an ability to keep ahead of the trend will help determine its trajectory going forward. Antonio acknowledges that risks need to be taken so GAES continues along the path it has blazed in recent years.

“The hearing aids are already 100% digital, even rechargeable without using batteries, and they have connectivity with smartphones,” he says. “Technology constantly innovates and we must remain updated to improve our products and offer the best service to our customers.”