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Voyages Emile Weber

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Travel far and wide

Founded in 1875, Voyages Emile Weber is one of the largest tourism and passenger transport companies operating in Luxembourg and the Greater Region.

“We employ more than 1,000 people, over 450 vehicles, 22 travel agencies and five tour operators – but we are still a real family business,” explains Fernand Heinisch, CEO at Voyages Emile Weber. “We are currently managed by the fifth generation of the founding family.”

For Fernand, being a family-run business is key to the firm’s longstanding success. Preserving family values while still remaining progressive and forward-looking is central to everything Voyages Emile Weber does.

“Innovation and ecology are an integral part of our company’s philosophy,” says the Fernand. “And this is reflected, among other ways, in our purchase of new generation vehicles such as hybrid and electric buses. Our employees’ working conditions are also of paramount importance.”

Diversification is also a factor for success, and Voyages Emile Weber offers taxi service with its “Webtaxi” to complement the firm’s pre-existing bus services, making the business even better placed to meet the customers’ transport needs.

With diversification and growth come challenges, however. “The great challenges are electrification of transport, digital technology, and more specifically for our company, the rapid growth that comes with our increased number of new products and services,” says Fernand.

In order to successfully meet these challenges the team has embraced new ideas and kept abreast of market trends, while nurturing an agile and flexible workplace where decision-making processes are kept short and efficient. “The fact that we’ve always remained true to our values and have built up a competent and highly motivated workforce has also enabled us to cope with these many different challenges,” adds Fernand.