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UAB Juodeliai

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Refined pallets

Established in 1994, UAB Juodeliai is one of eastern Europe’s leading producers of high-quality wooden pallets of European standard, pallets for the chemical industry (CP pallets) and non-standard pallet blanks.

“We assemble single-use non-certified pallets that meet the requirements of clients, as well as separate components of conifer and leaf-bearing wood,” explains CEO Andrius Zimnickas.

“During the manufacturing process, other by-products like firewood and sawdust are also produced. All our production is FSC® certified.”

Around 90% of all production is exported to foreign markets and the Lithuanian company currently employs more than 400 people across its administrative hub and three production units based in Akmenynai, Jūrė and Radviliškis.

“By following the strict requirements of the European standards, being responsible for our employees and clients, and by implementing innovations without fear, we have achieved excellent results in Lithuania as well as in foreign countries,” adds Andrius.

Responsibility, quality and innovation lie at the heart of the business, as do its long-held business principles – staff appreciation, close communication with clients, keeping agreements and transparency – which help drive the company’s success.

It’s these values that helped UAB Juodeliai overcome recent challenges to expand production and enter new markets, as Andrius explains: “We recently opened in Radviliškis, which was a green land investment and this enabled us to more than double our production capacities. We also recently entered into the Far East, a market we’ve been looking to enter for some time.”

Andrius and the team looked to new opportunities in Germany, and appointed a resident representative in the city of Cologne. Additionally the team is focusing on the new generation entering the labour market. “It’s a very exciting time for the business,” adds Andrius.