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Health and wellness

The Cypriot pharmaceutical manufacturer occupies a niche position in the market, specialising in categories like oncology products and antiretrovirals.

“The triangle of success of our company is the affordability of the products we sell, security of supply in what we buy and sell and sustainability in what we do,” says Michael Neoptolemou, Managing Director of Remedica. “We have invested heavily in this regard and it is now paying back in a sustainable way.”

Remedica emphasises the importance of maintaining strong relationships with both customers and suppliers. Even in times of economic crisis, it has been able to evolve in the right direction. “Sustainable and strong in-bound and out-bound activities and relationships, as well as operational efficiency, made Remedica a stable player even in crisis,” says Michael.

But rather than solely looking at the figures, the company is quick to point out the need to examine the quality of its workforce. Instead of constantly seeking to expand this, Remedica looks to develop what’s already there. Workforce number growth, Michael says, should be linked with productivity and further needs.

“Remedica aims to become an empowering place that will attract, retain and develop talented people with competencies,” he says. “Access to skills is a difficult challenge in our industry.”

There are various, increasingly daunting hurdles being placed in the way of pharmaceutical companies, such as tighter regulations surrounding the registration of products and their distribution. Access to skilful personnel that can navigate these obstacles while generating innovation and adding value to the company is therefore doubly important. This, Michael says, will help Remedica to continue its remarkable development.