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Founded in 1983, in the West Midlands, Boss Design creates transformative furniture for workplaces, learning environments and the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors.

“Our product solutions shape some of the world’s most respected organisations, businesses and brands – giving them room to grow, share, create and inspire,” explains Mark Barrell, Design Director. “Our products help transform a space from the ordinary to extraordinary.”

Boss Design operates across five continents, with four strategic production facilities located in the UK, North America, the Middle East and the Far East, offering more than 150 product ranges.

Mark puts this success down to sound investments made in the businesses: “Boss Design is an uncompromising business, which has invested heavily and continuously in the key factors that determine success in our industry: product design, brand establishment and positioning, together with a strong sales and marketing infrastructure.”

By investing in these areas the business has been able to withstand changes in economic cycles and emerge as a market driver instead, “establishing new and imaginative products later adopted by others across the whole market sector”.

Today the business is poised for more growth, with Boss Design set to offer even larger and more global solutions to international companies over the next five years.

“Innovators never rest on their laurels, they’re always looking to rethink, to improve and to make things better, and this has always been our philosophy. We combine our passion with great design to exceed all expectations and change spaces for the better.

“Taking into account our investment in products, people and the brand, we consider ourselves well-positioned for the future.”