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The grass is greener

If you happened to be walking through the foothills of western Austria, you might come across an expansive eco-resort surrounded by tree-lined mountains and dotted with swimming pools. Stanglwirt was developed on a 400-year-old organic farm and traditional inn, and the ethos that underpinned the farm helps guide the spirit of the resort.

“Stanglwirt lives up to authentic, honest traditional and green values and harmoniously combines trend with tradition,” says Maria Hauser-Lederer, Marketing and PR Director of Stanglwirt, and a member of its owner family.

The five-star resort began in the 1970s, back when the trend for organic farming – and living – was much less popular than it is today. Now it boasts 171 chalet-style rooms and suites as well as a children’s farm and extensive wellness and sporting attractions, while its furniture is made from local wood and fabrics.

Its emphasis on organic living may have raised eyebrows when it opened, but today Stanglwirt receives glowing reviews. Despite the economic crisis causing people to forego their holidays, the resort has continued to grow.

“This might be due to the fact that people yearn for stability in unstable times, meaning that they tend to trust in products and services they have known and had positive experiences of for many years,” Maria says.

Stanglwirt is now concentrating on building up its reputation as a unique and fulfilling workplace. This will enable it to attract high-level staff, who in turn help to make the experience of staying at the resort all the more rewarding for its loyal customer base.

Although it employs 300 people, Stanglwirt remains a family-run business. The importance of staying true to its roots, whether it be the business model or its emphasis on green and organic living, is a core philosophy, one that keeps people returning to the Austrian foothills time and time again.