Léa Compagnie Biodiversité

Léa Compagnie Biodiversité

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Giving the green light

Founded in 1993 by CEO Charles Kloboukoff, Léa Compagnie Biodiversité makes and distributes 4,000 organic and natural products within the food, cosmetics, eco-cleaning and health sectors.

With 17 production units in France – plus units in Spain, Belgium and Bolivia – Charles attributes the company’s success to the quality of the products and their affordability.

“We provide products that are good for health and the environment, at affordable prices, both in organic stores and for the mass market. Our success confirms that economy and respect for ecology are compatible, and have been for 25 years.”

Challenges facing the company today include increased competition from multinationals attracted to the boom in organic goods – a challenge the team is determined to face by launching an “industrial strategy” and investing €100m into organic production.

“We have planned an industrial strategy since 2017,” explains Charles. “Léa Compagnie Biodiversité, the holding company I set up in 2009 that owns the Léa Nature brand, has become the most important investor in France’s organic production units by investing €100m over four years until 2020.”

Buoyed by the investment, Léa Nature will continue to offer a wide range of organic products, while always innovating and expanding its range.

“New organic products are launched by conventional companies, attracted by a market in constant evolution, so we maintain our position through innovation and our manufacturing tools.”

Charles is determined to keep providing local jobs too: “We must create jobs near the fields, to reduce our climate footprint and to develop local economies.”