Mark Schwerzel

Mark Schwerzel

"We combine information on people, ownership structures, financial strength and entity data"

Research partner foreword by Mark Schwerzel, Deputy CEO, Bureau van Dijk

At Bureau van Dijk we’re proud to be the source of the company information in this year’s 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe report. Leaders in informing business decisions, we are committed to capturing, treating and standardising the right data to deliver the richest, most reliable private company information on the market. In fact, we capture and treat data from 160 separate providers, and hundreds of our own sources, to create Orbis.

Our Orbis database helps businesses to understand the companies in their ecosystem with information on around 300 million companies across all countries, 175 million people in 315 million roles and 43 million beneficial owners.

Orbis gives you information on what companies do, their business activities, detailed company overviews and industry codes, standardised and detailed financial reports, and projected financials that make it easy to compare companies globally. It also provides financial strength metrics even for companies without detailed financial information and extensive corporate structures and ownership data, with beneficial ownership information.

We combine information on people, ownership structures, financial strength and entity data, to reveal important relationships that enhance your knowledge of the companies, industries and sectors you’re interested in.
You can use Orbis as a standalone database or combine it with purpose-built platforms, called catalysts, to help you with specific business functions like: anti-corruption, anti-money-laundering, third-party due diligence, tax and transfer pricing, credit risk assessment, mergers and acquisitions and business development.

You get graphs, dynamic company structures, pivot analyses, heat maps and other types of visualisation and analyses to help you understand your results in seconds. For example, our corporate ownership structures simplify complex ownership pictures and let you rapidly identify global ultimate owners and beneficial owners, according to your own pre-defined percentage thresholds.

And you can get as clever with data as you like: customise alerts, do time-series searching, drill down into the financials to see how they’re calculated, create your own variables and classifications, add in your own data, and much more.

Bureau van Dijk is a Moody’s Analytics company with more than 30 offices worldwide.

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